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Equine Sports Massage

Introduction | The Process | Benefits | Anatomy & Physiology | Cycles of Injury & Recovery

Sarah Matthews - Horse Massage Therapy in ProgressBenefits

All horses from performance to happy hackers can benefit from equine sports massage.

Equine sports massage treatment, when used during training, or pre and post competition will:

  • Maintain healthy muscles
  • Maintain strength and suppleness
  • Prevent atrophy (wasting) of muscles
  • Minimise stiffness
  • Enhance tissue repair

Massage techniques will:

  • enhance circulation
  • improve muscle tone
  • relax muscle spasm
  • prevent and relieve adhesions
  • Sarah Matthews - Horse Massage Therapy in Progressincrease range of movement

stretching techniques will:

  • improve the range of motion of joints and soft tissue
  • assist in improving coordination and preparation for work
  • help prevent injury

Massage helps prevent injury!