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The Equine Sports Massage Association

ESMA was formed to ensure that the client receives services from a fully trained and qualified equine masseur. It also endeavours to maintain a high standard of practice and code of conduct by all its members.

Sarah, as a member of ESMA fully adheres to all of the associations requirements - ensure your horse has the best treatment possible.

What to expect from an ESMA Therapist

If you make an appointment for your horse to have a massage from a member of ESMA you can expect that they may proceed along these lines:

  • Obtain permission from your horse's regular Veterinary Surgeon before commencing the massage.
  • Ask you to sign a disclaimer that says that your Vet has seen your horse and he has agreed to allow them to massage it.
  • Ask you to give a detailed history of your horse to include temperament, injuries and schooling problems.!
  • Observe your horse's
    • environment
    • temperament
    • condition
    • conformation
    • posture
    • foot balance
    • saddle fit
    • teeth
  • Ask to see your horse move:
    • in hand
    • on the lunge
    • loose
    • ridden
    • on different surfaces
  • Give your horse a sports massage, paying particular attention to specific problems.
  • Give passive and active stretches
  • Give advice on:
    • maintenance
    • some massage techniques you can use regularly
    • how often your horses may need a massage
    • ridden or in-hand exercises you can use to improve your horse's suppleness and athletisism
    • whether your horse needs Veterinary attention.

*Content provided by the ESMA