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Equine Sports Massage - Testimonial Picture - SE Eventing

We are very pleased with the affect of Sarah Matthews' treatments on our horses.  She has significantly helped them, enabling them to work much more fluently which of course has helped our results at competition.  We are really pleased we responded to her advert and will be using her on a regular basis.

SE Eventing

Equine Sports Massage - Testimonial Picture - Lisa and Caesar

Hey my boy has been going fantastically since you came to see him last Sunday - 67% on only his third ever elementary today!  And second place out of a class of 16, and he's only 6. Thank you Sarah.

Lisa Hyatt & Caesar 

Hi Sarah, just to let you know that Timo is working well, probably 10-20% better after the massage, it feels like the energy flows better over his back and he doesn't disconnect at the poll so much. Sunny is the most improved, loads better on the right rein, fabulous right canter strike-offs now. Thanks

Elaine Bulter, Freelance Trainer

Equine Sports Massage - Testimonial Picture - Lisa and Caesar

Hi Sarah, I rode Dior for the first time tonight since her first massage and she was an angel, a completely different horse to ride altogether. I was amazed and so happy, I think what you've done is amazing so massive thank you!

Tilly Joselyn & Dior

Equine Sports Massage - Testimonial Picture - Julie and Charlie

Charlie, my veteran of 22 years young has been benefiting from sports massage by Sarah since the winter of 2010. Having recently taken up dressage at his grand old age, Sarah came along to do some pre event treatment before our first ever dressage test and I found it hugely beneficial, we were even placed 2nd!  It was cold and wet yet there was no mention of stiffness from the judges. Not only does he enjoy his sessions with Sarah, I really feel it makes a difference. When Sarah began treatment he had a few problem areas which have all now massively improved. I also find it beneficial to know of any issues my horse has, and how I can help him...Thank you Sarah! 

Julie Greenhalgh and Charlie

Equine Sports Massage - Testimonial Picture - Julie and Charlie

Hey, just wanted to say you have done an awesome job with Romany. He feels so much better when I ride and his tail is now straight. I am totallly impressed with the improvement in my wee boy after just one session with you, we have another session booked for him and I hope you will be happy to continue working with him and my other youngster for many years to come. I believe that equine sports massage is a massive part of the continued health and well being of my horses and would recommend you wholeheartedly. Thank you

Sam Spivey & Romany

Equine Sports Massage - Testimonial Picture - Julie and Charlie

Zebedee had over 3 years off work when Sarah first came to see her, she started moving so much better even after one session, Sarah gave us homework to do which has benefitted both of us and after alot of groundwork, I am now back in the saddle and she feels like a different horse! I am looking forward to now having my 26 yr old veteran Miami treated too.

Thank you so much.

Charlie Khalil & Zebedee